Concept with ice and snow

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“There are not only ice rinks in Life, Igloos exist also!”

Through our research & development, we have created a full-iced toboggan.


From 20m to 40 m length (65 ft to 131 ft), the ice toboggans and snow animations are unique and spectacular.
They can be implemented aside to the ice rink but can also be “in solo”!

Technical presentation


  • Every ice toboggan has 3 lanes of 0.70 m. (230 feet)
  • There are 3 possible lengths: 20/30/40 meters (65,61 / 98,42 / 131)
  • 2 options for 6 or 9 corridors are possible.

Cold production equipment

  • The ice carpet, suited to the length of the tracks
  • The chiller, the buffer tank and pump.

Equipment for the ice toboggan

  • The frame/structure.
  • The access with top sill & duckboard carpet
  • Starting area
  • Slip mats.
  • Reception area with inflatable tubes
  • Sledges and helmets.

To Provide :

  • The electrical power required for the chiller and pump.
  • The space required for the implementation of the toboggan: 4 meters (13,12ft) of width minimum + the decoration and the length of the lane + the technical area  ​​(about 50 m2)
  • Time for the implementation requested: of 4 to 6 days depending on the size of the selected track.

To know

The supporting structure
It consists of a galvanized steel frame scaffolding CRAB 25 NF which was admitted by the AFNOR NF 10/24/89 No. 03 renewable.
The access ramp
It is normalized CRAB line with ERP, including NF P01 012 and NF P01 013. Its payload is 600 kg / m2.
The starting platform
It is perforated galvanized steel, non-slip floors Class 6. Maximum distributed load per m2 is 600 daN 200 cm by 200 cm mesh.
Glide corridor
Il est constitué de panaciers en maillage 200 cm par 250 cm résistant à une charge maximale répartie de 600 daN au m2
L’ossature en acier galvanisé CRAB est liaisonnée par le moyen de colliers CRAB 25 Entrepose.

A ski resort in the heart of the city! Ice and snow are waiting for you!

Synerglace-piste-neige jardin-neige-001

Compact and easy to drive, our SNOWBOX snowmaking machines get used to create real snow in quantity at the area of your event even by high temperatures, up to 40 °!
It is now possible to make a ski slope, a snowshoe trail, or a biathlon trail of discovery … Bring snow wherever you want! ..

Possibilities of creations…

  • Alpine ski track / cross country track.
  • Snowshoeing trail.
  • Snow gardens
  • Snow decoration (event evenings, Fashion Show, Igloo and snow bar …)

Snowmaking equipment provided

  • The snowbox machine + accessories + Floor protection geotextile.

Animation, equipment provided

  • Ski slope : skis + sticks Pair / Pairs of Shoes / Helmets
  • Cross-country ski track : snowshoe pairs for adults and children / Workshops entertainment
  • Nature trail on snowshoes : snowshoes Pairs of adults and children
  • Kindergarten : Pairs of skis for children / edutainment equipment, tunnel, balls, golf … + rackets Pairs children and adults / toboggan Excavators
  • Snow scene: Chalets, trees, fir, birch …

Exclusive Synerglace: The urban Teleslide … lift …

136 meters of snowy track to explore on skis or snowboard, according to his desires.
In gliding with reduced relaxation speed version … Avoiding or via modules deposited on the course at medium speed version discovery … Or at high speed to perform tricks for Free Style insiders release! ..
With an adjustable rate of 2 to 6 meters per second, the TeleSlide is a response to the modular entertainment destination according to the public.
A power supply 380 Volt / 32 Amp and a water inlet area of ​​60 m x 30 m are needed for the installation of this animation – done in 1 day (without snow production).

To know

During the development of ice and snow activities, courses can be set up and supervised by SYNERGLACE OPERATIONS BY UCPA.

We can take charge and manage all of your snow event incorporating qualified personnel for the operation and supervision missions.

Icy igloos and bar : a bet, a little crazy … become successful concept.


An animation in an event!
Real ice works that contrast with the usual Styrofoam decorations, it stimulates curiosity and surprise.
The standard size is 4 m diameter x 2 m high but can also be customized for a specific project.


Concepts ice and snow … a little frosty.
You will really be able to surprise your audience by offering a journey from the cold with a real iced village! ….
The rink will hold all its promises family fun in this space where the snowy paths will lead the curious to the igloos … one invite the public to come and discover an exhibition on the theme “Polar” will invite the other to relaxation with its ice bar, low tables and chairs ice too.
For a detour to admire the dog musher, the course will end with a slip on the luge track in real ice too.

Some common uses
Igloos in ice and snow can be used to host an exhibition, a teller of history, Father Christmas …


To be provided :

  • The electrical power required for or chillers and pump.
  • The space required for the implementation of igloos or + the technical area of ​​about 50 m2.

The way skate is a concept trend from cross-country skiing. It allows a walk in natural surroundings.

sentier-glace patinoire-synerglace-06
In town, the heart of a village or a natural reserve, around a tourist site or to connect two rinks, walking around the lights of a Christmas market … The possibilities are endless with Synerglace!


Every skateway is created in the wished width (up to the width of a speed ring).
The length of an ice path is not limited, the project FlevOnice 5 km is the perfect example.

To be provided :

  • The electrical power required for the chiller and pump.
  • The space required for the implementation of the path + a host structure to store and distribute the shoes + shoes area + an area of ​​the technical area of ​​about 75 m2.
  • A schedule for 5 to 10 days depending on the size of the chosen path.

The possibilities

A trail in the heart of town
Allow your audience to travel skating in the heart of the city, a park, a wood area…
In addition to your rink
You can offer an option for skaters, they can go out to take the outer loop that will take them on the ice.
A path … but also a circuit! ..
Give to the little ones a unique space for a recreational activity in which, slides, caroms and sensations will be possible.
A fitness trail!
Whatever the place of installation of the ice path, we can adapt to the environment. Around obstacles, passing between two trees, making a trail with a particular form … let your imagination guide you in your project!

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