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“Excellence on the ice around the ice rests on the quality of equipment rinks”

With our experience in implementing mobile ice rinks, we have successfully proved that Synerglace is also able to achieve permanent ice rinks. Our ice rinks in polyethylene and concrete floor can have all possible configurations, sizes, shapes and distributions of the heat by transfer fluid.

Our services are from “retrofit” the collectors to the completion of the cold slab of the ice (floor heating, insulation, cold exchanger track, concrete…).

We will advise you from the beginning of your project to offer the most effective solutions, more durable but also more economical, especially in terms of structural work, keeping in mind that in an ice rink it is always the quality of that counts.

Icephalt process : An effective and rapid method of construction or ice rink reparation

Technical process

  • The Icephalt Process was designed for permanent indoor and outdoor skating venues.
  • The refrigeration tubing is embedded in an asphalt covering and then covered over a special asphalt. This enables the plastic properties of the asphalt to be retained and prevents cracks from forming, even with large temperature differences.
  • The icephalt ice rink is based on an innovative, uncomplicated building process, which significantly shortens time and thus reduces costs.

Synerglace has proved its expertise in the implementation of boards for the entire safety of the ice skaters.
IcePro material meets all safety requirements, strength and specifications for installation. This material meets also all standards requested.


Our proposals

– Identifying needs
– Drafting specifications.
– Creation of plans by our drawing & research desk
– Validation of the specifications and plans on site.

Organization and analyze of the area for implementation
– Aménagements préalables à la pose.
– Pose du matériel.

Organization for potential replacement
– Dépose du matériel existant et recyclage si besoin.
– Aménagements éventuels intermédiaires.
– Pose du matériel.

Finalization / controls for warranty
– Suivi de l’installation par application de la garantie.
– Réglages et contrôles périodiques.


Adapted ranges
Depending on the use and environment / several models of boards are available.

Additionnal material

Glazing and nets
Glazing glass or polycarbonate
Safety nets pose

To equip or accessorize rinks, Synerglace the company offers a range of materials mostly available from stock.

The product lines are divided into categories :

  • Ice skates
  • Sharpening machines for skate
  • Games and entertainment
  • Protections material for ice skaters
  • Material for Ice rinks staff
  • Other equipment

For special events, Synerglace has set up an ice painting fulfillment service.
Made with exclusive products selected for quality on ice but also their environmental standards, these high-quality professional services will meet your expectations and your requirements.

100pour100eco ice-color

COLOR ICE white paint powder is composed of limestone powder and white titanium dioxide powder, two components used in food and pharmaceutical industry.
Once the ice surface is painted in white with ICE COLOR, it reflects radiation from light and thus requires less energy for the cold as for lighting.
At the same time our technicians can offer to make the official athletic markings of your rink and advertising markings.

A higher quality and efficient ice (positioned at an altitude of 2000m max.), Ice Top Fast improves the quality of your ice. The ice is brighter, more slippery, more resistant. The ice formation is accelerated and marking of hockey pitches is more readable for players and for the audience.


Energy savings

Ice Top Fast reduces your power of consumption by 20%, the remaining running surface even with a less hard ice cold 2 ° C.
Ice Top Fast reduces the melting caused by sunlight or spotlights, chillers are thus less stressed.
Finally it allows repair of ice cold water while improving the quality of the ice

Comfort skater

For the Ice Hockey : The puck is faster , enjoyable skating and despite the many braking maneuvers , ice retains its quality slips .
For figure skating , dancing or speed skating : skiing is nice and light with no more resistance. Skating is quiet and resistant to ice jumps and grooves.
Finally for Curling, ice forms faster, lasts longer, the stones glide resistance and the game is faster .

Environment and hygiene

Top Rapid Ice has no risk for the environment or to the body, or when handling or even in contact with skin.

Since September 2007, Synerglace is the exclusive distributor in France of the ZAMBONI ice resurfacing, # 1 of its sector with 400 resurfacing sold every year..
The Zamboni ice resurfacing are currently the strongest and best performing machines for the quality of ice cutting and reliability …

Customers of Zamboni are its best ambassadors like the ice from Niort, Annecy, Fontenay sous Bois, Rennes, Lyon, Narbonne, Blagnac, Epinal Roanne, Valenciennes, Champigny, Morzine, Font Romeu, St Ouen, Samoens, Evry.
The Zamboni ice resurfacing were choosen for major ice skating events such as the Olympic Games, Hockey World Championships Ice – due to a highly reliable hardware.

Synerglace - La surfaceuse Zamboni

Services provided by Synerglace :
With the introduction of personalized support to our customers for choosing rinks equipment, we guarantee serenity and tranquility.
Tips and Customization
– Identifying needs.
– Drafting specifications.
– Adjustments to the machine.
– Training and monitoring on site.

Service after sale in France :
– Hot Line 24h / 24h and 7/7
– Fast intervention
– Items in stock delivered within 24 hours
– Control in parts delivered within 48 hours so call before 11 am

Machine Ready :
– In case of major breakdown

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