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“Understanding the process of the mobile ice rink or the acquisition of an ice rink”


The feasibility of implementing an ice rink is rarely difficult, however, it is essential to have in mind several key points for acquiring a permanent or temporary ice rink.


The 2D & 3D plans enable you to understand the implementation and process of facilities that will be the global composition of your ice rink project.
Synerglace’s rinks are available in every wished dimensions.
The standard formats can be a small rink with a few square meters or the Olympic Oval for official competitions – but it can be also a project more fanciful by using, for example, the relief of a park or a special form.
The rapid conversion in ice rink of existing area (such as tennis, bowling alleys, sports fields, or any other type of land rarely used during winter) is perfect and possible.
The implementation of a real ice rink in the heart of a city is also possible. In a square or a car park, setting up an ice rink is an important element for a lively city.
We can also implement roller skating rink in existing buildings such as exhibition hall, multipurpose halls, abandoned area , etc ….
The installation of fixed ice rinks for competitions or galas is also part of our know how.

The overview

The area if the implementation

  • Inside or outside on a hard floor, not soft soil
  • Floor flat with a drop of maximum 1cm for all the surface before implementing the ice rink
  • Big enough to accommodate the ice rink, the reception area together with the technical area.

Technical requirements:

  • Enough electrical power to supply the facilities
  • A connection point of the water network


  1. Implementation of a floor covering if necessary for avoiding the drop
  2. Positioning of collectors
  3. Achieving a watertight tank
    -Perimeter of wooden boards
    -Plastic film of polyane
  4. Setting up the ice carpet
  5. Connecting chiller circuit
    Starting the chiller
  6. -Chiller
  7. -Pump
  8. -Hydraulic reservoir
  9. Implementation of the rinks
  10. Watering for the growing up the level of the ice

To provide

The size of the technical area depends on the size of the ice rink:

  • Up to 200m2: a minimum 50m2 is required
  • 201 to 450m2: a minimum 75m2 is required
  • 451 to 850m2: a 100m2 minimum is required
  • 851 to 1600m2: a 200m2 minimum is required


Skating area
It is the ice carpet limited by the rinks. People can access to this area with their ice skates; walking on a rubber mat floor called the terrace area.

Technical area
It is an area closed to the public or to the house machinery for the production of ice

Reception area
Public pay or has the ticket entrance, take the ice skates, put it on and put it off.

It is the free zone of access, reserved for the audience

ICE WORLD Ice rink

logo ice world

Ice World’s ice carpets, proposed by Synerglace, are composed of aluminum tubes connected by 2 collectors. The fold-up portions of 5 meters enable a rapid implementation of the ice carpet and require a minimum of manipulation. Made with aluminum, the Ice World mat has the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.


The ice carpet and collectors are a unit that is a stackable and collapsible set that is easily deployed. PVC head covers protect the collectors at the end of the runway, securing the installation and decorating the system. Transportation is done on pallets dim. of 5m x 1m.
The mat cooling Ice World consists of aluminum pipes Ø 19mm assembled on the spacers and interconnected by flexible pipes to enable the folding. Hydraulic fittings are made by hinged flanges and fitting Camlock.

The aluminum mat Ice World has the largest heat exchange surface per m2 of all ice carpet aluminum mat with a space of 4 cm side by side between the pipes.
This difference between competitors enables approximately 20% of savings in electricity consumption as well as the amount of water necessary for the ice’s formation in the rink.

AST Ice rink


 AST ice rinks, proposed by SYNERGLACE, consist of a network of absorber strips (mats in EPDM) is today the best product and the best performance for the mobile rinks. The process has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and provides reliable facilities with high quality.


The AST ice mat consists of absorbing elastomer and high quality tubes joined by special fittings that prevent any leakage.

The specificity of this ice mat is an assembly without space between pipes, creating optimization of the contact of the surface between the ice and the ice mats, enabling electricity and water savings.

Technical characteristics :

  • Thermal Conductivity 0,2W/mK.
  • Exchange surface 2,0 m2/m2
  • Stationary power consumption 0,191 kWh/m2 (depending on weather conditions)
  • Water consumption 60l / m2. For ice thickness> 5cm

The ice mat, collectors are mounted in galvanized steel structures called “ICE BOX” – this process facilitates assembly, disassembly, gathering, transportation and storage; the grooved pattern aluminum casing secures the use and operation of the material.

For a better distribution of cold, AST mats have the process entitled buckle of “Tickelman” DN100 / DN150 in order to balance the flow of the glycolic water*.

* this mixture is a non-polluting fluid without any risk for the environment used for the cooling system.
Hydraulic connections are done by camlock flanges and fittings.

Un filet/trame blanche noyé dans la glace est utilisé pour :

  • Have a better cold distribution at the surface.
  • Give a white appearance at the ice skating rink.
  • Keep down the sun’s rays passage.

This process helps to have a better ice, better appearance, avoiding leakage, even when ice skaters are digging the ice with their ice skates.

The chiller is the central organ of the implementation, it provides cooling system and circulation in the ice mat up to -12 °, in order to produce and maintain the ice.


Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-logo-aggreko Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-logo-carrier Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-Logo-Power-HD-rouge Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-Trane-Logo

In order to provide high quality services to its customers, Synerglace has implemented, for nearly 15 years, a strong partnership with key players in the field of control of cold. These partners, with the control of Synerglace, are thus installing, put in service and ensure hardware maintenance on site.

The protocols established with the 4 main partners involved, ensure monitoring and on-site assistance within a few hours. Every company dedicates a direct contact for immediate treatment of any request on our part (from any origin, subject, day or time)

Our objective, in case of problems were occurring, is to maintain your event in full transparency.

Choice of chiller

The choice of the power of the chiller depends on the dimensions of the rink and other criteria:

  • Area of the ice rink
  • Distance between the chiller and the ice rink
  • Place, inside or outside, season, weather conditions

Additional equipment

Every chiller is delivered with useful auxiliary equipment for the implementation of the cold circuit.

  • Circulation tank
  • Circulating pump
  • Connecting cables
  • Hydraulic pipes and valves

Every partner company has the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
The latest generation of chillers are eco-low-energy and soundproof, in order to reach the level between 45 and 57 decibels, according to model.
The material is delivered with certificate proving that maintenance and revisions are done by specialists.

All the technicians have habilitations for interventions on the specific hardware in used and have a certificate of proficiency and a certificate of capacity for the “cooling fluids” systems.


This is the process developed by our partners for Synerglace.

Supervision program
This program is specifically developed for Synerglace and adapted to its process.
Reduction of 10 to 20% of the consumption of the energy.
Recording data with client access and access to Aggreko business analysis
Registration data for business analysis
Analysis of surveillance data, preventive or corrective maintenance
Feedback at the end of the exploitation

Supervision enables customers to have a system corresponding to their needs and processes with the latest technologies of control :

It includes in every case :
• A electronic cabinet ACS (AggrekoControlSystem)
• The collectors and sensors
• Programming adapted to every installation
• User-friendly remote access platform
• An installation manual and operations manual
• A driving booklet

The sytem can afford to do :
• The start according to the time
• The automatic set point shift
• The control of secondary circuit
• The cascade control
• The rotation of equipment operation
• The control of the level
• The receipt of the information (temperatures, pressures, flows)

In order to answer to our customer’s demands and adapt at the utmost the project to the environment with meeting the standards (laws, sports standards, ….). Synerglace proposes different types of boards. Manually manufactured, these boards are resistant to conditions of use requested for temporary implementations.


Composition of boards: :
The steel treated poles, welded on plates, ride-on ice, are the connecting elements of the boards. The board structure is composed of treated steel rectangular tube frames which are strong and durable.

  • The elements are respectively linked by bolting for a perfect alignment.
  • The entire boards perimeter is secured, preventing any variation in the alignment in the case of shocks.
  • The conception and design of the boards’ structure enable the flexibility required for the safety of the ice skaters and flexibility of shock absorption by a good distribution on several elements.
  • Regular alignment of boards proves the strength necessary to the practice of skating.

Quality of our boards: 

  • Global good looking and designed
  • Shockproof
  • Approved model

Wood board

Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-rambardes_3Periphery boards :
– 3 to 4 wood blades
– 3 heights: 0.80m – 1.05m – 1.20m
– 3 widths: 0.50m – 1m – 2m
– 1 Handrail
– Rights angled corners

Stabilization principle : foot sole self-supporting in the ice and bolting the boards with one another for perfect alignment

Popolyethylene board

Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-rambardes_4 Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-rambardes_1

Boards periphery
– Panel of 8 mm transparent polycarbonate or opaque white polyethylene
– 2 heights: 1.05m – 1.20m
– 3 widths: 0.50m – 1m – 2m
– 1 Handrail
– Angles or rounded
– Conforms A sport

Stabilization principle: foot sole self-supporting in the ice and bolting the boards with one another for perfect alignment

Synerglace Exclusivity !

Synerglace-location-patinoires-france-rambarde circulaire

To protect and surround the trees or obstacles :
Circular boards
Panel of 8 mm
Polycarbonate transparent
Height – 1.05 m
1 m diameter
Rights angled corners

Artistic, hockey, with laces, buckles, synthetic nubuck, leather or molded shell, all the shoes proposed by Synerglace are designed for rental.



The proposed skates were manufactured or selected after numerous tests on five key criteria :

  • The right ankle
  • Exceptional comfort during ice skating
  • Easy closing by lacing or buckles
  • Good results the test conditions of use
  • A nice looking

Ice skates in good condition

Our skates are sharpened and revised in our workshops after every use. Every year, 20% of our ice skates stock is fully replaced in order to constantly offer quality equipment to our customers.

Skates for all ages

Reserved for children as soon as they can walk (up to size 33), BOB ice skates are exclusive Synerglace products.
Flange and bead lock closures like skiing, which guarantees maximum safety for the ankle of the child.
Since 2011, we have also developed a BOB ice skating from 24 to 3.

A crazy challenge !

In September 2014, Synerglace acquired the brand of ice skates “OKESPOR”
For permanent rinks, these skates are extraordinary durable extraordinary and are made in France (in Synerglace workshop).

To achieve the safe transport of the ice skates but also to facilitate the distribution of operating, Synerglace proposes different types of racks adapted to any situations, number of pairs of ice skates, available space, organization the reception area, distribution in a chalet.


Designed by our engineering department, racks ice skates with a capacity of 50 to 70 pairs, are practical, solid and bring our customers the greatest satisfaction.

Depending on the model they are handled with a pallet truck or are fitted with castors and with brakes.

 Sixty pairs racks


Rack -3Structure all aluminum

  • 5 rows of 6 pairs
  • 1,95m x 1,70m x 0,70m
  • Handled by pallet truck

Seventy pairs racks

rack-patin-glace-2Structure aluminum wood board

  • 7 levels of 10 pairs
  • Distribution by 2 sides
  • 1,95m x 1m x 0,70m
  • Handled by pallet truck

rack heating


  • 6 floors
  • Distribution 1 face
  • 2.10m or 2.40m high
  • Width 0.51 m
  • Length of 1,90m to 2,50mm
  • Capacity 56-156 pairs by size

Welcome the public in the best conditions is a guarantee of success for your event. Many implementation options can be proposed to optimized the management of this area.

Paris sur glace, parvis de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, saison 2011-2012


A reception area for well-tided ice skates and optimized distribution of it is important.

Heated, this structure will have an area for wearing the ice skates on a rubber mat, Other arrangements can be integrated in this area:

  • Cashier, changing room, infirmary, toilets …
  • Sound and lighting, entertainment equipment storage
  • living room for the operating staff

Integrated environment the reception area may appear or be conceived in several forms:

  • Aluminum structure tarpaulin
  • aluminum structure with wood siding and PVC or
  • Chalet
  • Module office container
  • Local hard located in the immediate vicinity of the rink

If your rink is covered, the accommodation can be easily integrated into the covered area.


For an ice rink of 100 m2 to 300 m2 – minimum 50m2 reception area.
For an ice rink of 300 m2 to 600 m2 – from 75 to 100m2 minimum.
For an ice rink of 600 m2 to 1000 m2 – minimum 150m2 requested for the reception area

For an ice rink of less than 200 m2 – A chalet of 6 to 10 m 2 for the distribution of ice skates with an outdoor annex shoes racks.


In order to make the distribution of ice skates, welcoming public, for the Christmas markets or in many events, Synerglace proposes more than 100 chalets. The technicity enables rapid assembling and dismantling without tools and in a record time of 20 minutes, almost everywhere.



The chalets Easy Set Up are handled with ease and can be rapidly deployed anywhere. Every chalet consists of 7 elements on a support structure.

The facilities actions occur within 20 minutes to 3 persons:

  1. Unloading and positioning.
  2. Opening of the structure that floor office.
  3. Fitting the rear panel.
  4. Implementation of the first side panel to the right or left.
  5. Placing the second side panel.
  6. Deployment umbrella attached to front and rear hinges.
  7. Implementation of the second roof panel.
  8. Fitting the roof covering bar.

This is the simplest and quickest to install cottage in any city.
It is also the most luxurious and most comfortable of the market with its insulated roof and walls.


The Easy Set Up chalets 3m x 2.50 m can be assembled side by side, this allows to offer cabins of different sizes according to every kind of event.


There are 2 versions commonly called 3m x 2.50 m or 4 m x 2 m and the dimensions listed below. The cottages are available for rent in full compliance with work-related standards and regulations, resistance to fire and ERP systems whether they are internal or external.

This timing corresponds to a standard implementation without climatic constraints, it may be increased or decreased depending on the weather, the resources used and the specifications of the customer, the area and working time.

Your requirement will be ours and we will do our utmost to answer to your need.

Planning type of mounting

If you take the option
– Arrival and floor mounting

If you take the option

– Arrival and mounting hardware support

Ice rink: Arrival unloading and dispatching equipment
Setting up the glacier carpet and collectors

Connecting to the chiller
Commissioning of the cold circuit
Mounting and installation of guardrails
Rise ice 
Training of operating personnel
Delivery of the ready to skate rink
This is the big day !
Opening of the ice to the public

Planning type of dismantling

Closing day
– Stop machine

D + 1 to D + 3
– Melting ice by boiler
– Dismantling of guardrails
– Dismantling of guardrails
– Dismantling of the track and collectors
– Repackaging of the rink equipment
D + 3 to D + 4
–  Loading and departure rink equipment 
D + 3 to D + 5
if you took the option

– Dismantling SPV
– Dismantling Floor
D + 4 to 6
– Loading and departure floor and structure

If temperature below -6 ° during disassembly, it will be delayed in order not to put our people under risk

To the charge of Synerglace

Management methods

  • Feasibility study made by our research department and release of plans.
  • Technical and preparatory meetings.
  • Certificated documents

Logistic and supply chain

  • The transportation of the ice rink equipment, accessories and selected optional equipment and chillers.
  • Unloading, reloading the rink with forklift equipment and cooling units with lifting crane.

Technical staff for the assembly and disassembly

  • The assembly and disassembly of the installation, salaries, expenses, meals, travel and lodging.
  • Markups and implementation safety zone in the area
  • The creation of the level of the ice when the ice rink is delivered
  • The melting of the ice by boiler machine before dismantling the equipment.

Supervision, on-site assistance

  • Civil liability insurance of equipment for any accident related to equipment
  • Start up, monitoring of the facility and stop the machines process
  • 24h / 24, 7/7 Assistance / Intervention within 2/3 hours with Emergency numbers.
  • technical maintenance for the chiller.
  • Training of staff who will work on the area:
    – Technical training of the work environment / ice maintenance
    – Programming chillers according outside temperature / Procedures Emergency numbers and associated contacts
    – Management of the thickness of ice / ice treatment according to climatic conditions
    – Repair of the mats in case of leakage / distribution of ice skates
  • Use our radio “Ice Radio” to communicate to your ice rink and its events!.

The main material

  • Installing the ice mat, with protections for collectors.
  • Tickelman buckle for a uniform distribution of pressure and cold production
  • Basin water retention of the ice rink with strong plastic film
  • The cooling unit with a power of 500 W / m2 for production at -12 °, the buffer tank and pump adapted.
  • manual surfacing material composed of 2 large scrapers, snow shovel , 2 pairs of crapettes.
  • Food glycol charge (mixture 33% protection -24 ° C).

The material you can choose

  • The type of boards: nordic or transparent polycarbonate or opaque white Polyhétylène.
  • The pads come on racks INSEE distribution from 27 to 47 (Tip: 1 pair / 2 m2 + 5 pairs of scooters / 100 m2 for the smallest)
  • Rubber flooring for traffic “Skates feet” between the shoe box and the ice.
  • A heating snow pit for draining surfacing snow.
  • custom numbering for skates.
  • 30 to 60 helmets certified for ice sports to host the schoolchildren on the ice.
  • A play area for children with sledges, skating aid in form of animals called “Garden of ice.”
  • We suggest, for surfacing rinks from 450 to 800 m2, brush machine with blade or quad, and beyond a groomer.

To the charge of the customer

Above all you will be asked our client to provide the coordinates of reference on the record. Moreover it is required for the days and times indicated in the final schedule that has been restored, the establishment, supplies, facilities or other, as listed below.

The project and the administration

  • The authorizations required for traffic, parking for setting up the equipment.
  • referent’s participation in technical and preparatory meetings.
  • site security.
  • Insurance, protection and guarding of the materials in place (unless babysitting option required). *

* From the day of arrival until removal after dismantling including during the closure of the rink.

Optional needs

If you do not take the reception structure option
– A local cottage to accommodate the type of skates racks or attempts
If you do not take the floor option
– A flat and level surface, hard and compressed with less altitude than 1cm in all points / length and width rink + 1 m
If you do not take the option forklift
– Unloads and reloads with a forklift Fenwick kind except for chillers that will grutés by us.
If you do not take the option to dump snow
– A dump for the disposal of snow surfacing
For sound and light
– Electrical panel 380 Volts 32 Amps per phase / 1 arrival Type P17 / differential circuit breaker of 30 milliamps

AST is the No. 1 in Europe and SYNERGLACE is No. 1 in France in the sale and rental of ice rinks. Synerglace took, for nearly 10 years, a real environmental commitment – developing constantly with new techniques and stresses that all the teams are sustainable development oriented in order to protect our planet.


The study

AST / Synerglace rinks can save more than 4% of electricity and 21.7% of water on a conventional operating rather than an aluminum rink, as demonstrated in the study conducted by ILK Dresden largest institute specialized in air and cold technical -Germany.

The results of the study

EPDM Aluminium difference values
Thermal conductivity 0.2 W / mK 222 W / k – —-
exchange surface 2.0 m² / m² 1.07 m² / m² – 46.5%
* Stationary energy consumption 3.01 kWh / m2 3.13 kWh / m2 + 4%
Water consumption
Pipe Cover + 5cm 60.0 l / m² 73 l / m² + 21.7%
K = 1 ° Kelvin W = Watt kWh = kilowatt.heure
* Stationary operation – ignores the need energy to transform water into ice

The ISO 14001 environmental certification

Manufacturing, leasing, sale, installation and dismantling mobile rinks AST and Ice World are produced sustainably. Skating rinks, and all other components are reused and storage of coolants is done according to the law.
By design, our ice rinks made through a water network Brine food EEC standard closed circuit are of no risk to the environment.

Selection of environment friendly cooling liquids

To cool its ice floors, Synerglace uses a glycol green food without any risk to the environment concentrate only 30% against 45% among our competitors. After each service, we get 100% glycol of the facility, which is adjusted and checked in our filings between uses and reused for other operations.

Selecting suppliers who meet our policy on sustainable development

transport network
Compensation of CO2 emissions in the logistics process by performing all our transport trailer Euro 4 standard.
Cold groups
They are monitored and checked between each operation to prevent leakage of refrigerant that could damage our ozone layer. Choice of suppliers who provide us with chillers running 30 to 40% less refrigerant than our competitors.
Recycling of materials used in the manufacture and installation of our rinks
All polluting waste inherent in works such as polythene, polystyrene, are taken up by
our installation teams trained in sorting and deposited in specialized disposal.
Implementation :

  • Reuse of all structural materials.
  • All reusable packaging structures and decorations.
  • The non retained material is fully recycled by the company EDIB Approved DEFINOR

Synerglace uses air coolers

All chillers are equipped with air coolers to avoid any case of legionella.

Synerglace fight against the noise pollution

Using chillers soundproofed maximum rollover and pumps if necessary.

Synerglace uses construction methods that meet environmental standards

  • PEFC label guarantees that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.
  • reusable and recyclable steel tubes
  • Synthetic carpet mats, reusable refrigerant

Synerglace fights against CO2 emissions

We offer optional, for example, heated buckets to remove snow from surfacing which prevents the movement of vehicles and trucks during the time of use of the rink.

The strategy of Synerglace for sustainable development for 2015- 2020

Synerglace has set the following objectives:
Halve the energy consumption of the rinks 2020 by studying the installation of photovoltaic panels on some of our projects.
constant awareness of our suppliers, partners and employees to the protection of our planet: we stress to a greater extent during the training provided to our customers on operating modes of a rink that save energy .

AST is engaged in the production of green energy

All AST products contain a many years’ experience in economic management of our precious energy by installing solar hot water, which represents the other branch of our business. We regard this as an essential contribution to our company a balanced energy balance. The AST solar collectors installed to date produce, annually, more than twice the energy of all AST ice rinks rental need each year on Europe.

Synerglace engages in the production of green energy

Since March 2010, 1,200 m² of photovoltaic panels located on the roof of our warehouse realize a production of green power, challenging EDF circuit, and corresponding to the consumption of 30 of our rinks set rental.

Much more than the effects of ads and episodic behaviors, Synerglace engages in a genuine policy of sustainable development over the long term.

Join millions annual skaters

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