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“Managing Operation rinks is our business”

We can take over the complete management and operation of ice rinks commissioned by us and involving all the several elements:

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  • The manager, responsible for the area.
    Management of existing staff / administrative management.
    1 person.
  • The delegation of management staff.
    Distribution of ice skate / Tickets / Receipts.
    Number of people depending on the size of the rink and opening hours
  • The delegation of supervisory staff.
    Personnel authorized to graduate school supervision and trained in learning skating.
    Number of people based on need and academic periods or holidays.
  • The Delegation of the maintenance staff.
    Maintenance of the track and surrounding areas / monitoring machinery.
    1 person
  • The delegation of guard personnel.
    For monitoring facilities and the public day and night.
    Number of people depending on the size of the site and the opening hours to the public.
  • The research partnerships.
    By canvassing clubs, associations CE, potential partners and advertisers.
    1 person
  • Achieving an entertainment program.
    Designed to create highlights on the ice.
  • The printing of the ticket.
    Wear the colors of the event.

Management methods

Service delivery

  • The customers pay for the facilities costs
  • We provide the full offer that was previously planned
  • The city chooses the ticket prices.
    For this proposal, the revenue is for the city.

Operating with delegated risk taken by Synerglace

  • The customers pay for the facilities costs (with estimated revenue deducted)
  • In some cases, the risk can be taken at 100% by Synerglace.
  • We provide the full offer that was previously planned
  • Application of our opening hours and our rates of inputs: Full price – Reduced Price – Teaching
    In this version the recipes are for Synerglace

Things To know

Our Management Operations Services
The staff is for the position held and trained.
The same staff is declared to mandatory organizations and has an employment contract in due form.
Within the team in place at least one member is formed AFPS
Our company holds a civil liability insurance of staff and users’ organizer Liability ”
We do provide for every projects signage, displays and regulatory codes, a first aid kit: elements importation for a good and safe opration
Our team will also have the emergency repair necessary for equipment and take over any malfunction.
In case of implementation of ticketing, the equipment such as cash register, tickets, will be provided.

The “+”

Management / Operations

Event dedicated on our web page “slides Fan
Radio dedicated “Ice Radio
Games via social networks

Our management staff is authorized to conduct the resurfacing machines

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