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The leader of the mobile ice rinks

“About Synerglace”

Founded in 1999, Synerglace became the leader of the temporary mobile ice rinks, dedicated to public or private events.

Synerglace has acquired a strong experience by working with highly specialized partners; Synerglace can answer from the simplest customers needs to the most incredible and complex projects.

The company is part of a network enabling it to have the largest equipment warehouse in Europe, together with a technical center of experts and a sales team closed to its customers; with these parameters, the company manages to implement more than 200 mobiles rinks during the 40 days of the highest season’s activity.

Synerglace has also set up strong relationships with professional ice rink managers, they can indeed find a wide range of equipment and accessories for their area.

The strong reputation of Synerglace was built by the high quality of its service, enabling a long-term collaboration with the highest Institutions of Sport such as the FFSG (French Federation of the Ice’s Sports) or the FFHG (French Federation of the Ice hockey) for important national & international events.

Our partners:

In order to offer the best technical & service supports, Synerglace has set up partnerships with the main actors such as AST and ICE -WORLD for the ice rinks, ZAMBONI for ice resurfacing and also OKESPOR and ROXA for ice skates.

Strongly skills oriented, Synerglace has a implement a unique internal structure divided into 6 area of expertise: -administrative -technical and logistics centers. Most of the employees come from the world of the ice skating (such as ex-champion, technician or manager).

Last but not least, Synerglace is the exclusive distributor in France for the AST & Ice-World ice rinks, the highest performing mobile ice rink systems on the market.


Synerglace invente la patinoire écologique du troisième millénaire. Sur le nouveau revêtement auto-lubrifiant New Gliss vous patinez avec de vrais patins à glace. La glisse est équivalente à 95% à celle de la glace naturelle. Le revêtement est toujours sec et facilite ainsi l'apprentissage.

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Synerglace se développe à l’international et ouvre le siège de Synerglace Maroc à Marrakech.



La première radio 100 % Glisse par Synerglace